At NTech we know what it takes to find and secure the perfect candidate for a job.

We start the process with a face to face meeting, introducing ourselves, having conversations on how we can work to your process, or in some cases, to ours. We delve into the finer details, establishing what is required.

We learn what it takes to flourish in your company, the environment & culture that you’re developing as well as sourcing a candidate with the perfect combination of skills and personality to ensure success.

We can be trusted with all of your recruitment needs on a contingent, project or sole agent/managed service basis.

We offer a service of video interviews which is new to our sector, which gives the client a chance to see us in action interviewing the candidate, drawing out why they can be the best fit for your role & company. This identifies their personality as well as their skills.

We pride ourselves in getting to know you and your company before deciding the required service to use. We endeavor to treat each Client or Partner as individuals, by listening to the exact requirements and then ensuring which service would suit your needs, as a partnership that we both agree to.

This will enable you, as the Client to carry out your important day to day tasks or duties, leaving NTech Consultants to do the filtering, recommendations and shortlists.

We are happy to work to or create formal Service Level Agreements set against Key Performance Indicators ensuring that these services are delivered.